Work Experience and Internship Courses

Students learn to apply 21st century skills, also known as "soft skills," in a work environment.   Soft skills include teamwork, effective communication, time management, adaptability, and problem solving. The skills you learn in a Work Experience course will help you to become the kind of employee employers want to hire, retain, and promote.  A recent survey of students who took a Work Experience course determined 93% said the course was "beneficial," and 62% said it contributed to their receiving increased job responsibilities, higher salary or a promotion.

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Benefits to enrolling in a Work Experience / Internship Course

  • Improve your effectiveness in the workplace
  • Learn the skills that will support advancement in your career
  • Connect your classroom learning to your career by applying the skills you have learned
  • Apply goal-setting techniques to achieve greater success both professionally and personally
  • Earn college credit toward a certificate, degree, or to transfer
  • Meet full-time student status for financial and other aid

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Your Path to the Future

The Career Education options at Santa Rosa Junior College pave the way to fast growing, well-paid careers of the future and the present.

With a hands-on curriculum taught by professionals and shaped via Advisory Boards with industry leaders, you'll see that our classrooms mimic your next workplace down to the last detail.

  • Over 100 certificates are offered in a wide variety of programs
  • Industry-trained faculty and support staff
  • Flexible classes to balance work-school-home schedule
  • State of the art facilities 
  • Curriculum designed to improve job skills and marketability